5 tips on how to build a thriving email subscription list for your business, and why it matters ✉️

If you’re a company that is just starting out in the world, or you have been around for decades, the effervescent weekly marketing email to your customers is a staple in the PR inventory.

Whether you’re gathering a target list for a new product launch, or simply making sure everyone’s up to date with the latest company news, the email list is a surefire way to get everybody involved.

I know I know, it might feel like emailing is incredibly old- school, but even with the new gains of technology, statistics show that out of all the different marketing methods, email provides one of the greatest ROI.

A lot of people think that with the growth of social media marketing, sending out mass emails is a dead way to gain traction. But the truth is far from that. Email marketing gives you complete control over your approach whilst direct access to your targeted prospect. There is a sense of personalisation that you achieve via email that you can’t achieve with other funnels.

So without further ado, let’s discuss 5 hot ways on building a thriving email list so that you can have direct access to each and every one of your potential consumers…

1) Webinar sign ups

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of months, quarantine has led to a ton of virtual events that have kept consumers entertained in their weeks of isolation.

Most webinars seek to provide saturated knowledge on a niche topic, as well as generating sign up lists for a company’s future marketing roll out.

The great thing about a virtual event is that it commands your attention. It is a one time event and you’re either there or you miss out. Unlike random ads that a consumer might see on their screen where they have to take action on a whim, they have already signed up to the webinar meaning they are present for a reason.

There’s an added bonus of seeing who your potential customers might be up close and address any pain points they may have in a Q&A session.

Once you have people signed up to your webinar, you now have their email to push out any marketing material personalised to them, or even future events in the run up to a product launch.

PS. Check out this article I’ve written about how to best promote your virtual event to get the most number of sign- ups as possible

2) eBooks

Free advice: who wouldn’t sign up??Provided the eBook is somewhat centred around the industry your company is in, it is one of the most cost- effective lead generation tools to gain email sign ups

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to stray away too far from your business’s core content. However, there is nothing wrong with releasing a few different eBooks which all pivot on similar topics of interest.

Make sure that your cover is eye- capturing as you don’t want your eBook to sit unnoticed in someone’s inbox (this really defeats the whole purpose). It might be worth investing in a graphic designer to help you mock up some images and fonts which work well with your company’s brand image

3) a Quick Cheat Sheet

Similar to eBooks, cheat sheets (or virtual guides) are one of the more simpler ways to amass a surge in email sign ups.

The best approach when creating a cheat sheet is to keep the advice as succinct and narrow as possible to address a very specific problem.

The whole idea surrounding a cheat sheet is to get access to quick and easy solutions.

4) Harnessing the power of Product Giveaways

There is simply no better win- win situation…

One of the oldest and most effective marketing tricks has been giving away stuff for “free”. Now I put the word ‘free’ in quotations as we all know, every transaction has a value behind it.

For example, have you ever been given a free sample of food, or fragrance, and then raved about it to your friends the next day who then went on to tell their friends? That is the beautiful power of word of mouth. Companies have been giving away things for free with the knowledge that a certain percentage of the people they have targeted will most definitely come back for more.

In this instance, advertising a giveaway is a surefire way to get email sign ups. The best thing about this is that you know that the person signing up is a warm lead as they expressed interest in the product/ service you have to offer, so you can then go on to send as many promotional emails you find fit.

5) Guest Posting

Guest posting is not only a great way to build a greater audience for your brand, but also a brilliant way to get your email subscription list popping.

When you feature on a site/ blog who has a credible audience, you will instantly gain the confidence of some new readers. Make sure that in your featured post you link to as many previous articles/ content that you have written that you feel would gain the attention of your new found audience.

Naturally, the more you are able to connect with this new niche, the greater the chance of gaining sign ups to your email list, so try to make your featured post as relevant to the guest site’s niche as possible.

Hopefully i’ve given you newfound inspiration as to how you can grow your email subscription list and why this is still a very relevant marketing tool.

When you begin to implement each of the 5 tips above you will really witness a surge of new found leads, as well as a greater audience to your content 🙌🏾

Let us know in the comments below how you get on with building your email list and if you have any new tips and tricks to get those subscribers up there- happy lead generation!




London based Podcast Host + Writer, with a passion for entrepreneurship |I share resources to help you be the best version of yourself|IG:@thechroniclesofpaasha

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London based Podcast Host + Writer, with a passion for entrepreneurship |I share resources to help you be the best version of yourself|IG:@thechroniclesofpaasha

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